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Rose pads are beautiful, stylish cloth pads that are soft and comfortable to wear. Made of pre-washed cotton and high quality hypoallergenic inners these fashionable cloth pads are chemical free and good to your skin.

In contrast, a look on the box of disposable pads & tampons will offer no clarity of the materials/ingredients included. This means there is no solid evidence of what is inside these items we trustingly use every month, in & on the most sensitive area of our body.

What researchers do know is disposable menstrual pads are typically made of a combination of plastics, petrochemical materials, synthetic fibres, wood pulp, absorbent gel and glue. Whilst some manufacturers of disposable pads use elemental chlorine-free purification processes to have their pads appear pure, others have been found to use a chlorine-bleaching agent in their purification process. The by-product of this process is the toxic chemical, dioxin.

Dioxins are a group of toxic chemicals that share a similar chemical structure and induce harm through a similar mechanism. They have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a human carcinogen. The Environmental Working Group has given them a rating of 10 out of 10, 10 being the worst, stating that they are anticipated to increase the risk of cancer even at background levels of exposure. They are on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of priority pollutants. They are persistent (they do not break down easily in the environment) and bioaccumulative (they build up in our bodies). Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) is the most toxic and best studied of this family of chemicals. EWG’s analysis noted that TCDD “has been associated with a panoply of adverse health effects in people,” including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, endometriosis, early menopause, reduced testosterone and thyroid hormones, immune system disorders and abnormalities of the skin, teeth and nails.¹

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Know Your Pad

Washable Menstrual Pads offer you a safe monthly alternative. You will always know your Rose Pads are hygienically clean and chemical free because you wash them, and you store them. We always advise you to wash your new cloth pad before wearing it, not only to boost its absorbency, but also to give you peace of mind of its sanitary hygiene. We also recommend that reusable cloth pads should be washed in eco friendly washing powder, to avoid any chemical residue being left in your pad.


Rose Pads are free of artificial fragrances and free of non breathable plastic and for these reasons you will instantly notice you sweat less, eliminating unwanted odor and you will be less likely to experience irritation. The fabric choices we have made to construct our pads allows Rose Pads to be light, breathable and super thin, and they have a layer of eco-friendly PUL to avoid spotting onto your underwear.

An Unexpected Bikini Wax

Rose Pads use simple, effective and colourful poppers to securely fasten themselves snuggly around your underwear. The days of accidentally giving yourself an unexpected wax with the glue on the wings of disposable menstrual pads will be in the past and gone will be the moments you pull off the glue tapes in haste and the wing gets stuck wrongly.

The Choice is Yours

Until recently there has not been much of a choice available regarding our menstrual hygiene, but thankfully times are changing. Rose Pads are beautiful stylish, cloth menstrual pads handmade with 100% cotton fabric, highly absorbent hypoallergenic fabric for the inner section and the softest PUL for leakproofing.

1. Good for Body

good for planet.jpg

Rose pads are eco-positive re-useable pads that allow you to have a favourable impact on the world environment every month.

It has become imperative to divert the amount of plastic that goes to our landfills, and it is a dauntingly too large job for us to make a positive impact alone. But it always starts with one. Each one of us can start to do our small part and then slowly but surely together, our small efforts combined can create a huge shift that will determine our environmental future sustainability.

A disposable pad’s working life lasts for approximately 3 hours and then takes over 500 years to biodegrade. An average woman can use up to 17,000 pads/tampons during her lifetime of bleeding. Now imagine the amount of used pads out there in the landfills.

Furthermore the process of manufacturing disposables pollutes our water, air and animal habitats.

By choosing Rose Pads as an alternative to disposable pads:

  • You are investing in our planet’s future and our future generations.
  • You will help save the planet by decreasing your carbon footprint.

Together we can do this, one cloth pad at a time!

2. Good for Planet


Rose Pads are highly absorbent, breathable, soft, leak proof and super comfortable. They allow you to relax into your flow.

Rose Pads are colourful and have character, and dare we say they have personality! And the nature of washing them and reusing them puts you back in touch with your cycle and helps you redefine the experience for yourself on your own terms so that you to get to know yourself again that little bit more.

Woman’s power comes automatically by virtue of her femaleness, her natural and necessary fecundity, and her personal acquaintance with blood.
-Paula Gunn Allen

3. Good for Soul


Once you own your initial collection of Rose Pads the monthly outgoings you normally associate with menstruation will disappear.

With proper care our high quality, re-usable pads will last for many years, hugely compensating you for your initial investment in your beautiful pads.

4. Good for Purse


We are all different and no one menstrual item will be right for all. This is why we offer you a choice of fancy fabric, absorbency, shape and size.

When you wear the correct size pad with the correct absorbent inner, with close fitted underwear, Rose Pads can be fully trusted to keep you free from any inconvenient leaking. Understanding your flow needs alongside the comfort and protection Rose Pads offer will bring you reassurance allowing you to relax into your flow whatever your daily routine and activity.

You can trust Rose Pads because we have done our homework and we have tried and tested them, and we have searched worldwide to find a hypoallergenic inner lining that is super absorbent without being bulky. The fabric absorbs 10 times its weight faster than other knitted cloth and it holds and distributes the wetness to avoid leakage from compression. The core of our pads is made up of several layers of this highly absorbent fabric. Furthermore we add a layer of the softest eco-friendly PUL for added protection. For our heavy pads we have created a unique design to give you added reassurance against side leaking.

5. Good to Trust

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