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WomanSpace is a newly founded enterprise based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We create and sell washable cloth eco positive pads of the highest quality. Our goal is to offer a fresh colourful perspective on menstruation, inviting people to reconnect with their cycle and to start the dialogue to banish the outdated shame of bleeding. We love that our pads are the latest must have stylish accessory whose byproduct is saving the planet!

The Taboo of Woman’s Blood.


The taboo of women’s blood has been commonplace for a very long time and this is reflected in the shame we carry with us that keeps us tightly closed and quiet around the subject. Society has fed us a lie that blood is dirty and shameful, and this disempowers us and has us suppress our own femininity. Furthermore in an attempt to be seen as equal to men we have learnt to flat line our natural cycle patterns and regard feminine as almost an insult.

At WomanSpace we believe when women reconnect with their blood and are reintroduced to the power of their cycles a necessary shift will take place. When the authority of the womb and the divine blood is remembered as the vital life giving force it is, balance will naturally be restored rendering pain free periods and much happier women, and men. It is time for mothers to pass on a new legacy to their young daughters entering menarche. It is time for older women entering their post-menopausal years to be valued for their innate crone wisdom. The planet is calling for women to feel into their sacred feminine that originates within their wombs, and WomanSpace is offering women an essential accessory that will guide them to build this necessary bridge to balance.

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Vanessa is a caucasian expatriate woman who lives in Dubai. She arrived here over twenty five years ago in search of the extraordinary, and somewhere she would be able to explore her creativity. Vanessa lives with her husband and four children. She is a Spiritual Coach, Menstruation Mentor and Keeper of Women's Mysteries. She facilitates Women’s Circles and runs workshops in Dubai and internationally. She is also the founder WomanSpace.
Eight years ago when Vanessa was suffering with endometriosis and a hysterectomy was looming, she began on a journey of personal healing.
This process opened a large can of wondrous worms that revealed to her the menstrual stigma, the avoidance, the burden and shame that is pervasive and normalized in the western society at large, to the point it goes unnoticed. We bleed yet it is secret. It is hidden and thought disgusting, yet it is something nearly all women do every month, yet we do not share our stories.
It was suddenly clear that a paradigm shift was being called for. Women must heal this shame at their root chakra, at the core of their power, in their womb space, their WomanSpace, before the feminine can rise and realign balance.

Vanessa’s wish is to turn menstrual taboo upside down so as to return to the ancient sacred practice of treating the woman’s body as a temple, and to celebrate her cycles and the vital life giving force of her Divine Blood. She believes when women remember that their menstruation is their greatest blessing, and when they surrender to their cycles, the physical discomfort many suffer will cease.

Cloth pads were the catalyst that assisted Vanessa to find a new way of being with her blood, that led to her healing. 8 years on, Vanessa welcomes and actually enjoys her periods and finds deep fulfilment whilst connecting with her womb.

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