The Ancient Sisterhood Of Knowing
by Vanessa

Charting my cycle changed my life. I had always known roughly when to expect my flow to arrive, but I had never charted and never stopped to view my body in her cycle. I had never honoured my cycle. I had always been more inclined to flat line, viewing my monthly visit as inconvenient to say the least. Ovulation time meant bloating, the build up to bleeding was always full of tension and the bleeding time painful and debilitating. Oh to be a woman!


But that all seriously changed when I began to listen to the rhythm of my cycle and dance in time with her beats. I now believe that the pain I had was the struggle that I had created against something that was bigger than me. I hated it because it hurt, so I fought instead of surrendering to it.

Letting go is scary business, especially when doing so seems counterproductive to protecting yourself. But the time had come for me to stop ignoring this huge part of my life, this huge part of me. And so with an “oh well what have I got to lose” attitude I stepped in with my eyes fully open ready to explore and listen.

And what I heard was a welcoming from millions of quiet whispers from all over the world and from time gone by and even the future. It was like walking into a secret cave where I was part of an ancient sisterhood of knowing. “We all bleed,” “We have the power of life between our legs.” “Our cycle is there to help us if we listen and do as she commands.” I was in awe suddenly of this power that had been suppressed inside me for decades. This was the point I stepped into my feminine. Not some pink girlie thang with glitter and high heels, but a grounded authentic fullness of what it was to be a woman.

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