The Gift Of Your Blood
by Vanessa

If we asked a huge crowd of women to consider giving up disposable menstrual pads in favour of reusable ones, many would say "YES" yet there would be many crying out, "Heck No!" For most of the Heck No’s it is the thought of having to wash their pad that brings them out in a cold sweat and the others brush the idea aside telling us they cannot afford the time. While we totally empathise with the Heck No’s, we would like to offer an alternative perspective. What if we took a moment to actually consider our blood? What if we perceived our blood to be positively life giving? What if we discovered the varying shades of its colour could act as a health barometer offering deep insight to our wellbeing? Your answers to these questions could unlock a whole new way of relating to your blood and your body. In the same way meditation connects us back with ourselves, so can rinsing our pads. It takes about a minute to rinse-n-wring and this solitary minute can be a ritual to remind us that we flow. It can be a minute in a busy day where we take stock and remember what an amazing woman we are. It can be a minute we give in service to our body and the planet. The repercussions of taking this time to connect and to handle our blood, is remarkably healing. Rather than menstruation being a monthly reminder of shame and negativity, our mindfulness transforms this experience into a monthly reminder of healing and connection to our sacred feminine power, for us and for our future generations. As soon as we begin welcoming and honouring our cycle to remember, relax and rejuvenate, women will powerfully connect with self and each other. Recognizing that this is a gift given to women encourages our self esteem to grow and sends ripples of healing and happiness far and wide. So next month why not shift your perspective and receive the true gift of your blood.

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