My Cosy Throne
by Katrina

Wow! What a treat to meet whispered my wonderous lips as they cosied into simply sumptuous textures. Colourful, soft, inviting and beautifully adorned. Sanctifying the sacred cycle of monthly release... As I entered double digits I remember the sickly shame and deep fears that my period betrayed... having to go to the disabled toilet whilst bleeding as the GIRLS loo didn't contain a sanitary disposal bin. The icky smell of congealed blood collecting beneath me, drop by drop, feeling heavier in her release. Am I leaking? Can they see? Do they know? The dis-grace in the dis-ease. Trying so hard to use tampons in the hope to hold in the tell tale paint of womanhood... too young, too contracted, too painful... where to begin. So back to blood clot 'nappys' clammy, plasticky, slippery... containing little and exposing all. Or that's, at least, how it felt as a 10 year old girl. Fast forward twenty two years and a vast journey of bloodshed.... in to tampons and mooncups I mostly bled. The first bringing a less obtrusive means to an end, yet leaving an aching awareness of fibrous release. The latter... got messy! Of that there's no doubt! And so wow! What a treat to meet indeed, a cosy throne, right at home, a safe space for me to bleed. Textured and tailored this is no 'one size fits all' ... instead... What do you fancy? No matter - heavy, light, short or tall. Fluffy, funny, flamboyant and fitted... my goodness Vanessa you truly are gifted. Thank you for bringing such a beautifully natural process together with a nourishing reframing of a story well known. Now I celebrate my flow... as I love her in and... let her go

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