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Product Info

All of our pads are hand crafted by women for women. We use quilters cotton and minky fabric. The inner lining is imported from the USA due to its highly absorbent, ergonomic and hypoallergenic make up.

When Will I Receive My Order ?

We will pack and begin shipping within 24 hours of receiving your order and the delivery times will be subject to the express courier’s schedule. Depending on your location expect delivery between 2-5 days.


Where are they made ?

Our cloth pads are made in Dubai, UAE.

What absorbency will I need ?

Only you know your flow and it varies from one cycle to the next. We have tried and tested our products and Rose Pads absorbency works as follows:

  • Our liners are typically used for everyday wear as a panty liner, for light spotting or menstrual cup/menstrual sponge backup.
  • Our light flow pads are typically used for spotting and light flow.
  • Our moderate flow pads are for medium slow flow.
  • Our heavy flow pads and cuddle pads are good for days 1-3 when your flow is heavy and occasionally fast and for nighttime.

Will they leak ?

We use highly absorbent hypoallergenic, and organic inner lining and a waterproof eco-friendly lining material. If you wear fitted underwear and the correct absorbency for your flow the pad will not leak. In the heavy pads we have created an extra layer to prevent side spill. If you do spill over the edge, either change the pad more often or try a different shape or try the cuddle pad.

How many pads do I need ?

That depends on how many you want!
We recommend between 10-12 pads.

It is always fun to add to your pad stash when a new pattern is added to the collection. Once you start wearing these pads, you will be able to choose a pad to suit your mood, your outfit and your need.

What is inside my pad ?

The type of core lining depends on the absorbency you choose. All pads have hypoallergenic fabric lining. We use 100% cotton, eco friendly PUL and absorbent bamboo viscose, and our padding is shipped from USA to ensure our high standards are met.

The core of the pad is made up of several layers of highly absorbent fabric. Each layer absorbs 10 times its weight faster than other knitted cloth and it holds and distributes the wetness to avoid leakage from compression.

We also use a special breathable and leakproof fabric that is super soft and contains no toxic solvents and emits no toxic waste that are harmful to you or the environment.

Are they safe ?

They contain no added chemicals or plastics containing toxic solvents. Washing them allows you to know that they are clean and fresh, in the same way you wash your underwear.

I am unsure whether I will get an allergic reaction to the pads

Rose Pads are made using clean soft cloth with hypoallergenic and chemical free inner. The space in which they are made is clean and smoke free. If you have no allergic reaction to your underwear then you should have no allergic reaction to Rose Pads.

Will they smell ?

No! They contain no adhesives or chemicals and the materials we use are breathable.

Can I add extra snaps ?

Yes, please request extra snaps in the comment box at the end of your order.

Why would I want extra snaps ?

Some women find that the flap around their panties tickles their legs when they walk. If this happens to you, order your future pads with an extra snap to have them closer fitting.

How do I use them at work/school ?

It is best to carry at least 4 pads with you in a small waterproof Pad Purse. If you are in a toilet that has a sink, rinse the pad, wring out until the water runs clear, fold and place in your wet bag. Otherwise you can dampen the pad with some water from the toilet hose (for those living in UAE) or carry a small bottle of water with you. The reason I suggest you moisten the used pad after changing it is to prevent the blood from drying and staining. When you get home, rinse and put in washing machine and wash using eco friendly soap on a gentle cycle(no fabric conditioner) and then hang out to dry.

How do I use them at home ?

Using the pad becomes very simple after you get into a routine. There are various routines you can adopt.

1. Have a jar/container with a lid in your bathroom. After changing the pad, rinse the pad til the water runs clear and then place in the jar to soak in water. Repeat this with as many pads as you need during the day, adding them to the jar. At the end of the day place your pads in the washing machine on gentle wash(no conditioner) and then hang out to dry. Iron if you wish, avoiding the snaps as they melt! (Yep tested that too!) If you choose this method, be sure to change the water daily.


2. Rinse pad til water runs clear and wring out. Hang to dry. When it is time to wash place pad in washing machine.


3. Hand wash.

How do I wash my pads ?

I advise strongly that you use ecover or similar organic washing soap. This way the pad can stay as chemical free as possible.
For any stains use an organic stain remover soap, which will do the job perfectly.
Machine wash at 30 degrees celsius. (NB. Any hotter than this may cause slight shrinkage.)
In the summer months in UAE try and rinse your pads after wear in ‘cool’ water to keep your pads stain free.

Can I swim in them ?

We advise you try a menstrual cup if you want to go swimming when you are bleeding.

Can I return my pads ?

If there is an issue with your order, please contact our customer services as soon as your parcel arrives and they will assist you. Please see our detailed return info here.

If my flow is extremely heavy can I order thicker lining ?

Yes. Send us an email and we will custom make you your extra heavy pad. info@womanspace.co

I am a full figured woman and would like a longer pad

OK. Send an email with your request and we will custom make you the size you require. info@womanspace.co

Can I use them for incontinence ?

Whether you need pads for unexpected coughs or sneezes or mild incontinence you will find cloth pads perfect for the job due to their comfort appeal and financial savings.  We do not recommend using our pads for full bladder incontinence.

How long will my pads last ?

Wth proper care cloth pads last 3-5 years, maybe longer. 

Shipping Information


WomanSpace ships Rose Pads and all products worldwide by Express Courier. Due to the lightweight nature of our products this is the best shipping option for speedy delivery, and cost.

An estimation of the international shipment charges can be seen in the following table:

International Express Shipping (Approx charges in US$)




UK/Saudi Arabia/France







An indication of the weight of a shipment is:

14 x Rose Pads  (12inch Heavy Flow – our heaviest item) will weigh just under 0.5kgs.


Within UAE

UAE Domestic Shipments (Approx charges in AED)

Up to 20kg

UAE – next day delivery



Payment Options

Payment is accepted via all major credit cards for all shipment, international or domestic. The Cash On Delivery option is available only to certain destinations at no additional charge.

List of destinations open to Cash On Delivery:

United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia


Both payment options will show up during the checkout process depending on the destination country selected.

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