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The Rosepads have made me embrace my monthly moon time. It is comfortable and fun to wear the various pad designs and shapes!
I’m more aware of what is going on in my body and I can be much gentler with myself. The fact that each month I’m having a smaller impact on the environment, makes me feel good as well.

Kiki Kesseler
Relationship Coach ORSCC

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"Rosepads pantyliners have been a lifesaver during my pregnancy. They keep me dry and fresh during the day and while sleeping. I love how comfortable they are. They are soft, durable, fun to wear. I love how easy they are to clean and they come out of the washer completely clean and ready to use again!" It is a great investment.

Gabriela Pezo
Yoga laughter teacher

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Personally, I have never been that fond of tampons, so pads were always my first choice when it came to my period. However, living in a hot city like Dubai and exercising usually meant that wearing pads ended up being extremely uncomfortable. Since these pads are made out of soft and absorbent materials, they don’t become irritating if it is hot or during exercise. I thought it would be difficult to make the swap from regular pads to Rose pads, but they are much more low maintenance and stress free than I expected as they have the same amount of absorbency if not more, which is a relief for me personally as I do have quite heavy periods. As far as taking them out with me goes, I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it is, as they are small when folded up they are easily stored in a small section of my bag, and they stay odourless when stored. The biggest part for this to me though, is the amount of money that I have saved due to not needing to frequently buy pads, not to mention now realising how much waste my old disposable pads created, and the fact that they have allowed me to not find my period to be such a taboo around friends and family. I’m a lot more comfortable with my periods now (even my boyfriend has even become more comfortable with my periods as the pads have become part of my routine)!

Georgia Sykes

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There are plenty of noble reasons to use Rose Pads, but I was excited to try them because they're so pretty! They were comfortable with great absorbency and no leakage, and they came out of the wash looking great. My biggest reservation was having to rinse and store them until I put them in the washing machine, but it was much easier than I'd anticipated. The fact that Rose Pads don't have adhesive strips was a serious plus; using them means no wear and tear on my bloomers.

Vanessa Arnold
Photographic Assistant

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I was motivated to make the switch to cloth pads for environmental reasons. My son is cloth diapered, so it only made sense for me to switch to cloth myself.
A quick google search for cloth pads in the UAE lead me to discover Rose Pads.
All the fun prints and pretty silhouettes had me hooked right away. The "pussy galore" print literally made my day. I liked the fact that you could choose the pads based on fabric, shape, length, and flow intensity.
I was concerned that they would be a bit bulky and wouldn't be absorbant enough, so I ordered just a few for a trial run. After said trial run, I ordered some more, and then some more again!
They are very well made, not at all bulky, and even comfy to wear. They stay well in place, and survived overnight with no leaks at all. They've even made wearing pads so much more fun!
I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to ditch the disposables.

Reem Hindi

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To get Rose Pads made by Vanessa was the most beautiful and loving thing I did for my feminine nature. The Rose Pads Vanessa creates are filled with special loving and caring energy and I feel this when I use them. When I wear them I feel proud to be a women and I am reminded of my creation and I value my woman power God gives me. Since using Rose Pads my menstruation has become a celebration and a monthly reminder of my power. Physically, it feels much more comfortable. Rose Pads are also more absorbent and breathable.  And the different color variations gives me chance to choose which color I need each day in my energy to feel better.
Thank you Vanessa.

Venera Sondergaard
Spiritual Healer

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Womanspace has totally changed my view on using resuable sanitary towels. I really loved how comfortable and snug they felt as opposed to using regular disposable sanitary towels, while at the same time feeling good about doing my bit for the enviroment. The quality of the materials used and option to customise them to my size and preferences just makes this product absolutely perfect for me.

Sue Joseph
Founder & Managing Director, Wall Cravings

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I tried Rose Pads and loved them so much I came back for more. The Rose Pads are way more comfortable to wear than the disposable pads as they don’t move and there is no sticky part to get stuck on your skin, you know like the regular ones do if you don’t pull it open properly?! They feel very comfortable to wear , as the fabric is pleasant on the skin. They are very pretty to wear. They hold well making sure nothing is leaking through. Having the option of different sizes , you can change them as the flow is changing. I really enjoy wearing them.

Justyna Oratis
Yoga and Hypnobirthing Teacher

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I use Rose Pads during my period, they are particularly good for use at night. It is definitely one of the best alternatives to using manufactured disposables . My favourite thing is the ease of use and knowing that I am also doing my bit for the environment. I will continue to use Rose Pads and I would recommend them to anyone!!

Karyn Miller Hall
Pilates Instructor

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The most comfortable pads I've ever used!
Once you've tried these you won't go back to consumable pads. Not only are they super cute, saves you money and environment friendly, but they are so comfortable easy to use.
I bleed a lot most of my periods and the pads are really safe and no blood gets on my underwear. I sometimes bleed very little between my periods so the really small pads helps out a lot.
I'm definitely recommending these pads to my family and friends, and especially my student friends who needs to save money and still have good time during their period!

Michelle Nordlander

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Wearing Rosepads feels really good for my body, no chemicals and no plastic. They are made of nice quality cotton, gentle on your skin and ideal for a hot weather. I really love the design, colors and the different shapes and they are so easy to wash. I also like the fact that i am helping a little bit on the environment. Since I started wearing Rosepads I actually feel more connected to my body, to my cycle and my inner femininity.

Maria Edwards
Lactation Counselor

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I came to know about Rosepads through a friend and my first motivation to try them out was mostly that they are reusable and therefore produce no waste like common pads.
I didn't expect what was coming next. I fell totally in love with the Rosepads. The pure cotton feels 100 times better, like a comfy blanket. They fit just perfectly, you don't even remember wearing them. So off I went ordering a few more making sure I never have to use the reusable pads ever again. Wearing Vanessa's beautiful Rosepads feels very natural, it's like giving my body an extra portion of love. Vanessa is a wonderful, inspiring and deeply caring woman and I'm very certain you can feel the love she creates the pads with in every Rosepad - each a little artwork in itself!

Reporting & Controlling Manager

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